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When choosing where or what to invest in we appreciate it can seem like a daunting challenge even to the experienced investor. That’s why we have taken time to handpick some of the best property investments across the UK. We aim to deliver tailored investment solutions to our clients and as a result; the success of our business is in direct relation to the success of our clients.

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Yes Invest is a property investment company, built on principles of trust and transparency. We believe that with over 15 years combined property experience and by understanding our clients, we are able to offer the best solutions using our network of investors, agents and developers. Whether buying for the first time, looking for investment opportunities or adding to an existing portfolio, we have specifically selected the best developments in some of the most exciting markets across the UK.

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Why property is the right thing to invest in.

Why Property?

Over the last 40 years property has produced high levels of capital growth and more recently with the increased demand for rental properties this has created a strong buy-to-let market for investors. 

Historically property has outperformed many alternative investments such as; stocks, shares and bonds.  Although sometimes uncertain the UK’s property market has been recognised as one of the safest investments in the world.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in retirees looking for higher returns than those offered by Banks and Pensions in which property has been able to fill this void. In addition property investment usually has the benefit of offering two forms of income in rent and capital growth, which is proving to be a more recognised method when compared to stocks and shares. However unlike stocks and shares, property is a medium to long-term investment, which is something to consider when making a decision.

Ultimately it is important to know that all investment carries some form of risk, however as property investors we understand it is marathon not a sprint. Even in 2007 when the world suffered one of the largest financial collapses for decades, after a couple of years the property market recovered relatively quickly.

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