In this piece we look at taking the plunge to your first investment, we take a look at how to invest the smarter way. It is proven that Buy to let property has proven to deliver much better returns than investment options such as ISA’s, stocks and shares and for many years have produced returns well over 12%, compared with just 6.5% if the same amount was invested in the stock market.

Where to begin can be the most difficult question to answer when new to investing and our experts at YesInvest deal with seasoned investors with a large portfolio to somone about to make their firt venture into investment.

If you’re a first-time investor considering a buy to let purchase, look no further than our range of developments and ask us what makes a great investment we are here to help.

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Choosing the right location.

The most important rule of property investment is to look somewhere with high rental demand. It might seem like a good idea to own a property close to your home, as a stand off landlord there is in fact no benefit.

Next have a think about the kind of tenants you wish to attract i.e. graduates, young professionals or students etc. As a requirement this demographic require good public transport, city links, high broadband speeds, shops and restaurants

If you live in a rural location in the countryside, this may only appeal to a small range of possible tenants, which may lead to empty properties and loss of income. At YesInvest we take this hassle out of the equation our developments are chosen with excellent transport links and amenities which will appeal to your target market this falls hand in hand with offering our customers the highest yields and financial growth.

As YesInvest, we carry out the correct research and due diligence prior to offering our clients an investment opportunity and often turn down developments in the interest and goodwill of our clients. Speaking to us will also give you a better idea of what to expect and we can provide guidence on the best locations to suit your investment needs.

Your rewards.

Questions to ask yourself are; Are you investing as a secondary income, as a means for retirement, or to leave something for your family/loved ones, there are many reasons why investors turn to buy to let a way of creating extra revenue.

Over the last 15 years figures show buy to let has outperformed all major statistics on yields coupled with growth on your capital being the main attraction to new investors.

If you look at yield and capital growth, landlords can achieve a steady income as well as watch assets grown, at YesInvest this is the model we look to secure when negotiating each of our developments for customers.

As well as being a tangible asset, it also provides flexibility for investors. You can hold onto the property for years to come watch it grow in value whilst collecting the rental income eventually selling at a profit due to the increase in value.

We pride ourselves on being smart with your investment which in turn allows you to generate higher returns, so we work out different scenario’s and figures giving you the added advantage as someone new to investment.

Safety from afar.

We have investments for two types of new investor, the gun-ho investor who wants to be responsible for everything from; tenant find, referencing, property maintenance to collecting rent and keeping up with the legal obligations.

Or the investor who wants a managing agent to handle all aspects of your asset so you and your tenant don’t have to at YesInvest our developments have managing agents on hand to make sure your returns are maximised and your stress is minimised.

Being gun-ho has some benefits also but only if you have time and resource aplenty to dedicate to it, or if you are looking to become a full time landlord.

Most of our clients don’t have quite so much time and dedication and in order for them to make money, we recommend using a lettings and maintenance agent, they can take care or all the day to day property dealings for them, and are often in a better posistion to negotiate higher rent.

At YesInvest our team of experienced property professionals are always on hand to help any new investors with any questions or queries you may have, with over 20 years experience in the property investment industry we keep in touch with all the latest market trends.

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